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What AMI Posts for You!

After our marketing professionals gather information about your business from you and other sources, we invoke AMI-Gatherer to scour the internet and find what information exists and also marks locations where information should exist but cannot be found.

After checking your information for spelling and accuracy upto three times, our professionals feed that information into AMI-Poster.

At this point AMI starts posting to locations where information about your business cannot be found and corrects information that is inaccurate.

Here are some of the actions that AMI takes.

Reputation Management

Seeking new customers, it's critical that references to your company and services are positive. AMI searches the internet for references and our marketing staff gather positive references feeding them back into AMI-Poster which reposts them moving negatives off the page.

Search Engine Prompting

Too many submissions performed manually by marketing companies can be seen as spam. The reason for this is posting too often, posting with errors and posting formats incompatible with current algorithms. AMI-Poster ensures each post obeys all the current rules without errors.

Information Accuracy Checking

If your business is not appearing online it may be because many marketing companies make mistakes when their staff manually post information. Our marketing experts check and re-check information before it is handed over to AMI to post ensuring accuracy on every submission.

Referral Site Submission

Most marketing relies on SEO and posting to search engines. Though important referral sites are reach more and more customers every day. AMI posts to many referral sites used by customers looking for products and services including focus mobile apps and sites used most.

Backlink Creation & Management

Common to businesses featured on search engines are links from other websites or mentions in their content. Links show how popular your business is among referral sites and how often it is commented upon on referral sites. AMI posts links to your business across the internet.

Twitter/Facebook Posts & Links

Twitter and Facebook are by far the most important social networks for your customers. More important than you talking about your business on your own accounts is when others talk about you. AMI uses CROWD Promotion techniques to generate attention for your business.

Additional Social Network Posts & Links

Other social networks are important because they often feed information to Twitter and Facebook. AMI structures posts on other feeds so they are ideally suited to reaching your particular demographic. AMI can reach customers based on age, income and more.

Blog Posts Submission

Though AMI uses natural language software to structure some posts, for blogs, AMI depends upon our marketing experts to design and write posts that talk about your business in the best light. Blogs created are then fed into AMI to be posted across the net.

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Dashboard Control

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Why Our Technology Works!

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Phiskal is unique in having developed and Artificial Intelligence engine to Monitor, Post and Maintain information about your business online. We have called this technology AMI (Automated Marketing Interface), This technology is efficient, fast, accurate and reliable eliminating the need for us to use huge numbers of low cost workers. This helps us provide the best service to our customers at a fraction of the price most marketing companies provide services.

Unique Technology to the Industry

In the last 5 years, online marketing has become essential for every business. Whether you have a website or simply post your business online, you need to be found online. All marketing companies use human postings to get your information to search engines and to referral sites such as Yelp, Tripadvisor and more. We do things differently. Now you can take advantage of this technology and take advantage of the unique posting that no one else can offer thus enabling your business to be unique on all sorts of online referral sites and search engines.

Human Interactions & Tasks

Our systems use AMI to ensure your postings are the most viewed online, we also have a staff of marketing professionals with many years of experience to oversee AMI's actions. They write blogs and monitor postings so that no mistakes are made. Once we ensure the accuracy of the information that is going to take your business across the searchable internet, AMI takes control and searches listings, compares for accuracy and posts positive reviews to drown out negatives.

Powerful Combinations to Serve You

We have developed AMI with some of the most innovative software developments available. AMI has some of the fastest search tools and most accurate language comparison interfaces developed to date. AMI is fast also checking millions of listing across hundreds of online locations every hour. Efficient natural language tools flag submissions that may contain negative comments about your business while demographic segmentation algorithms identify those looking for the products and services your company offers. AMI is the future of online marketing, tested and ready.

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